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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  October 22, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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points for sex and the same with girls. is the media any better? >> reporter: last week the piedmont high school principal said students had known about it for at least five years and told parents it was part of the bonding for some of the varsity athletes. "our female students unbeknownst to most of them are drafted as part of the league. male students earn points for documented engagement in sexual activities with female students." it's not clear what was going on. >> i think it's blown out of proportion. >> reporter: a student to says she has personal connections to fsl wrote to, female students score the points for their team by engaging in any documented form of sexual acts with any boy or girl which, through gossip, comes to be known by the boys. the boys who participate in fsl are thus not incentivized to coerce or force sexual acts."
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>> there's been no crime reported to us, no rape, any of that kind of thing. if that were the case, we would respect directly to the authorities, the police. >> reporter: the district says the point is to open up a discussion about respect, self worth and empathy and the students even those who find it appalling say we shouldn't be shocked. >> piedmont isn't a bad school. this is something wrong with high school in general and manifesting itself here at 24 school. >> reporter: some parents want to see punishments handed out but the district says that's not the approach that's it going to take. it wants to educate students about why this is wrong. they will dialogue about it. ann notarangelo, cbs 5. we are seeing more rain in the bay area than we have had in the past six months. the latest round went through the financial district a half hour ago. chief meteorologist paul deanno in the weather center with where it's raining now. >> the rain is moving in here
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as yet another round of high- def doppler radar the strongest radar in town is pick up new showers. the next wave of rain for everybody is now in marin and sonoma county. we see it to the north. downtown san francisco and right by at&t park, for game 7, a heavy shower just moved through that quickly dissipated as it moved over san francisco bay towards oakland. healdsburg with showers and thunderstorms. you will be getting rain in santa rosa, petaluma, novato in the next 30 minutes and san rafael seeing heavier showers between now and 6:00. here's a peek outside. some of you had sunshine, all of us got the most rain we have had in about six months. novato and the oakland hills nearly an inch of rainfall. vacaville .75". more than half an inch for menlo park and then the south bay sunnyvale and santa cruz barely anything less than one eighth of one inch but widespread the most rain that we have had in any one day since way back on april 25th. this is what it looked like the rain showers that we did
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receive in san jose. some showers there mess up the morning commute all that oil in the asphalt coming out when it hasn't rained in a while and it hadn't until this morning. now let's talk about the snowfall and higher elevations. plenty of snow in the sierra. this is nyack which received several inches of snow just over the past 24 hours. it is still snowing in the sierra now. winter storm warning. low for mid-october. 6 to 11 inches of new snowfall there. it's not just rain and snow, it's also tornadoes. let me show you video north of sacramento about 80 miles north of sacramento up to 2 tornadoes touched down with numerous funnel clouds spotted all around yuba county. after 3:00 two tornadoes down, trees down, and one roof off a building. nobody was hurt. so we have had rain, snow and tornadoes and we're not done yet. details coming up.
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>> you can follow the latest storms anytimeof the day on with our interactive radar. we are less than an hour away from the third and final presidential debate. looking live at the stage at lynn university in boca raton, florida. as cbs 5 political reporter grace lee tells us, this one is all about world issues. grace. >> reporter: that's right, liz. and tens of millions of viewers are expected to watch the candidates go head to head on foreign policy. tonight mitt romney will work to make the case that the president's leadership abroad has failed. while the president will point to successes including killing osama bin laden. this is it. the final showdown with the presidency at stake. president obama and governor romney will sit down with cbs news chief washington correspondent bob schieffer for the final debate on foreign policy. one person won a ticket as a registered independent. he will be listening closely but is leaning towards the
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president. >> i care about what's going on in the world and how to make it a better place. >> reporter: this democrat is in boca raton for the debate. she has already decided to cast her vote for mitt romney. >> because the direction we have been in for the last four years has failed us. failed! there's no debate here. look at the record. >> reporter: the 90-minute debate will most likely start where the second one left off the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. they will also debate questions about iran, ending the war in afghanistan and the u.s. economic relationship with china. polls show the economy is by far the most important issue to voters. so both candidates are also expected to bring it up in their foreign policy answers. and for more perspective we bring in cbs 5 political analyst joe tuman. joe, welcome. >> yes. >> reporter: let's talk about the format. the desk is small.
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>> we call this a roundtable format that creates the illusion of people sitting around the table having an informal conversation, a little less pressure and hopefully they can get into more detail. >> they will be encouraged to talk to each other. >> and to the moderator and look as if you're watching people sitting around a table having coffee and chewing the fat as it were even though it's up on a stage. so that's an illusion. that's what we'll see when we see it on tv. >> tens of millions of people watching. one thing always gets a lot of attention in a debate. >> when governor romney was asked the direct question in the last debate about equal pay for equal work for women, what did he talk about? he started talking about binders. talked about binders. binders. >> joe, we talked about this is night of the debate, binders full of women. for either candidate how do you avoid pitfalls like this? >> one of the wonderful things and the reason that people do
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watch the debates especially those town hall format debates where you don't know what the questions are going to be, they are not pre-screened, they might catch you with a question. i don't think he meant binders of women to be singled out. he was speaking off the cuff. there's something also revealing about the choice of words that some people have. and that's a gaff. and sometimes candidates will have that. he was trying make a larger point about being supportive of flex time but the other thing that came out in that is that women had to go home and take care of children and that working women are responsible for child care. that's a gaff. >> we have to go. who do you think will win tonight? >> got it say barack obama going into this because sitting presidents have to know how to articulate foreign policy. if they don't, they are not president for long. we'll see. >> we'll talk more tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. and you can watch the debate right here on cbs 5, cbs news
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with bob schieffer is going to be moderating after the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley and a coin toss determined that romney is going to get the first response to the first question and also the final closing statement. i'm grace lee, cbs 5. a judge handed down the maximum sentence for a bay area teenager involved in a reckless driving crash that devastated an east bay family. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington was inside the courtroom. >> losing them has been devastating. >> reporter: and devastated family and friends of solaiman and ha dees nuri were devastated holding up pictures of their lost ones. the man was sentenced today who killed them receiving the maximum penalty 7 years and 8 months for vehicular manslaughter. >> based on his actions they speak louder than words, i think this is a person who needs help. >> reporter: david rosen now 18 was driving recklessly when his
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suv careened off treat boulevard in concord in april hitting 41-year-old nuri and his two daughters who were righting bikes. his daughter hanna survived. at the sentencing, rosen didn't speak and didn't apologize. >> a simple apology such as i'm sorry that they're gone, that doesn't speak to liability. it speaks from the heart. so that could have been done. it wasn't and that speaks volumes. >> reporter: although rosen got almost 8 years he will only serve 3. he was 17 when it happened and juvenile court jurisdiction only applies until age 21. during that time he will get treatment and go through rehabilitation. >> hoping this program will help him. >> reporter: family members say they feel justice was served and after a draining six months, they say ending this chapter now allows them to start healing.
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>> it's over. the family can end it. losing somebody has been really hard. >> reporter: elissa harrington, cbs 5. a garage sale stop was a lifesaver. one man's actions that saved another. >> for a good cause. >> meteorologist paul deanno, it's raining and chilly for all of us. highs only in the low 60s today. current temperatures 61, livermore only 59 in concord and 59 in santa rosa. find out when the warmer weather and the sunshine will come back. that's in my full forecast in a few minutes. the most important baseball game played in san francisco in 50 years, how about that for a tease? but it's true. stay tuned, you'll find out why. ,, ,,,,,,
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cbs 5 reporter mike sugermas in the middle of the giants fandemonium.. as game sevens underway. the time has come! orange towels are twirling. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman is in the middle of fandemonium as game 7 gets under way.
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>> reporter: game 7! liz, to a sports fan, just saying that can bring goosebumps. this is the first game 7 in san francisco since 1962! are you into it? if not, here's some tips how to be. there are some die-hards like efron who got here 7 hours early. >> i got here at 10 and came from the central valley. >> reporter: but many needless sons to get into the swing of things. here's a quick primer. >> 2, 2, 2, 1, 2, 1. >> reporter: learn how to dance gingham style. they do it in the ballpark between innings. >> if i knew korean i would get the joke but i have no clue. >> reporter: fender ventura of moving 99 knows it's a big hit and it brings the giants luck so it's a keeper. >> what the heck are we going to say? >> reporter: number 2 giants fans think the tv broadcasters are horrible. >> it's a national broadcast and yet you have two guys who are absolutely linked to the
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cardinals. >> reporter: larry krueger of knbr the sports leader railed today against joe buck and tobacco mccarveer both long- time st. louisans. >> it was the cardinal pitcher made a mistake. >> reporter: number 3, twitter hashtag rally. >> now rally everything is apparently super popular twitter topic today. >> reporter: brittany gilbert is the cbs social media coordinator who saw the twitter handle rally zito among the top topics in the world this week. and then there's rally cain and enchiladas for ryan vogelsong's meal for game day all mushed together into rally everything. the giants come back to the stadium tomorrow either to pack up their lockers or prepare for the first game in the world series wednesday night. in san francisco, smug smug, cbs 5. >> looking forward to doing the dance. >> he does it well. >> in san francisco, mike sugerman, cbs 5. coming up, a conviction of earthquake scientists sending
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shockwaves around the world. what they are accused of not doing that's landing them behind bars. >> 14 scientists on trial for something that is impossible to do is unfair and unjust and unfortunate. >> and a man trying to sell unwanted items at a garage sale ends up a hero. the life-saving action he made without even thinking about it.
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madness" is in full swing. , it's a push to get people registered to vote. "'s nothing like it wan least not yet... 8 we had lines wrapped arounde building and we haven't e will the we mobile 5, ken bastida with a push to get people registered to vote. >> reporter: whenever i hear midnight madness i think about door busters and people coming in at 1 a.m. to buy $10 vcrs. no, this has to do with registering to vote. so the alameda county registrar of voters dave mcdonald is setting up a thing tonight where people can come up actually to the curb and register to vote from 5 p.m. to midnight. you have to be registered by midnight today to qualify for the november 6 ballot. mcdonald says when they tried this in 2008, they had people around the corner. >> it's nothing like it was in 2008. at least not yet. 2008 we had lines wrapped around the building. and we haven't seen that. now, maybe we will the weekend
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before the election but right now it's busy but not overwhelming. >> reporter: yeah, definitely haven't seen too many people out here. it starts at 5 p.m. and nobody has come so far partly due to the weather. it's probably dropped 30 -- well, maybe 10 degrees in the last 30 minutes. if you don't make it here over on 51st and broadway they have a midnight madness registration set up there as well by the registrar of -- by the, uhm, league of women voters sponsoring that one. if you want to stay home, you can do it on your computer terminal on the internet. go to the secretary of state's website. and you can actually go online and register tonight. but do it before midnight. allen, we're reporting live from the alameda county courthouse here in oakland mobile5. back to you. >> thank you. it's been a year since the "occupy" movement became a worldwide phenomenon and probably no "occupy" group has had a bigger community impact than oakland. cbs 5 reporter phil matier
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talked one on one with mayor jean quan with the city's year of living "occupied." >> reporter: one of the "occupy" demonstrations is under here but it's here at frank ogawa plaza that the mayor is concerned about. it was a year ago and this is the image to the world an "occupy" camp in the heart of downtown that went up with the blessing of the mayor and a number of city council members. a few months later... [ noise and explosions ] >> reporter: this was the image that replaced it after the mayor ordered the camp cleared out and allowed it back in after a night of violence. what follows more demonstrations and more confrontations. today the plaza is cleared out, green again, bracing for another round of possible demonstrations only this time -- >> we will try to protect the rights to demonstrate but we are not going to tolerate violence or camping. >> reporter: it peaked with the massive demonstration that shut down the port. quan was threatened with recall
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and to this day the city is divided over city hall's response to the encampment. >> a year ago the city was divided with the "occupy" demonstrations. people feel now that the people who call themselves "occupy" are really not the "occupy" movement that they supported. >> reporter: she also admits it cost the city dearly. >> the city took a hard economic hit because of the "occupy," with overtime with police and constant vandalism. you know, it's probably about all told about $3 million hit. >> reporter: for some merchants in the downtown, it is still a raw nerve. how's it been in the past year? >> i don't want to make a comment. >> reporter: you don't want to talk about it? >> no. >> reporter: for newcomers, it's a fear of new demonstrations. >> they come and leave. they're not coming here. >> reporter: truth be told, the city officials really don't know what to expect. they are hoping that "occupy" has changed with the times and possibly it will be more peaceful and even smaller. but this is oakland. and as we all know, anything
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can happen here. and it usually does. in oakland, phil matier, cbs 5. paul deanno promised this morning you're going to show us why doppler is better than the rest. >> everybody gets to use the service but only here at cbs 5 we get to use hi-def doppler. this is a perfect example. on the radar you see just the national weather service radar in the south bay. watch what happens when you add on high-def doppler radar. 3, 21, go. look at that definition! you can see more storms to the north and west, that's where all the flooding rains come from and you can see the intensity better. now let's zoom in and show you where these showers are heading along highway 101, that's you in novato, petaluma, that's you all the way as far north as healdsburg dealing with heavy rainfall. look at the rain to the west of new healdsburg. you will see heavy rainfall in about five or 10 minutes. the crisp clear picture you see only on high-def doppler radar. hoe cloud cover, as well. other rainfall totals out there, near mount tam, middle
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peak, more than 2" of rainfall, olema valley more than 2." sausalito three-quarters inch and just about one half of one inch of rainfall for san ramon and lafayette. let's talk about what's going on now. we had wave 1 of rain move in last night and early-morning in the morning. now we have another wave of rainfall poised to move through. there will be three. one down, two to go. in the weeks is moving into sonoma and marin county sliding south and east, may impact the end of game 7. we'll have to watch the game and see what happens there. wave number 2 comes through tonight likely another wet commute coming up tomorrow. round number 3 comes up on wednesday. so three different rounds of rainfall moving through from west to east through the bay area by wednesday. then low pressure moves out, higher pressure builds in we say good-bye to the rainfall for a while but as for round 2, let's let futurecast do its thing and paint a rainfall picture out here. nearly half inch for pleasanton and hayward not so much for redwood city in san francisco but everybody getting more rainfall tonight and all of us
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are going to be chilly. san francisco only 61 tomorrow. livermore 64. well below normal fremont 63 and napa tomorrow only 62 degrees. your extended forecast calls for the rain especially early tomorrow. we'll see some late day clearing and some sunshine. wednesday the final round of rain. then we get back closer to normal. no rain thursday through sunday. weekend nice partly to mostly sunny skies. next monday another chance for rain. so timing is good. a group of scientists will spend 6 years behind bars. they were convicted of manslaughter for failing to warn italian about the 2009 earthquake. the 6.3 magnitude quake reduced buildings to rubble, killed more than 300 and injured 1500 more. the seven scientists were found guilty of downplaying the risks of a major quake and not warning residents to evacuate. seismologists around the world
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are alarmed at the charges, including here in the bay area. >> science cannot predict the future that what earthquake in what location will happen. putting scientists on trial for something that is impossible it do is unfair, unjust and unfortunate. >> the convicted scientists have time to appeal. they do not have to go to jail immediately. we'll be right back. ,, thirty-eight. schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student learning. student wins.
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man's life. albert carrillo was at a bea garage sale last august whee authorities say it was a bargain hunting trip that may have saved a man's life. he was at a garage sale last august when he suddenly collapsed. lucky for him the homeowner jumped in and performed cpr. doctors say his quick thinking saved a 75-year-old's life. >> even today i'm still sore under the arms here at the rib cage because he beat me up. [ laughter ] >> but for a good cause. >> well, today this good samaritan is being honored by
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the benicia fire department. but he had no formal training in cpr. he said it was all instinct. >> you won't be sore for long, albert. want a more healthy active brain? put down the crossword puzzle and pick up athletic shoes. dr. kim mulvihill has more. >> reporter: well, this is a big study out of scotland and bottom line, when it comes to protecting your brain from the hands of time, physical exercise appears to trump mental exercise. researchers looked at almost 700 people over the age of 70 and followed them for three years. they found the older folks who exercised regularly had more gray matter and less shrinkage than those less physically active. and being mentally or socially active didn't add any brain benefit. researchers don't know why but say it's never too late to start exercising, a brisk walk, gardening, even competing in a
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fun run. so even so, don't toss out your puzzles. enjoy them. that's the key point. some believe the benefit may come from doing them at younger ages. middle-aged, for example, and another tip, social connections are always important at any age. >> keep the brain moving, keep your body moving. >> what's good for your body is good for your brain. a reminder we won't have a 6:00 newscast tonight due to the third an final presidential debate. >> "cbs evening news" with scott pelley is next. after that cbs news coverage. debate, live pictures of the debate floor in boca raton, florida. captions by: caption colorado
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